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10 reasons to choose an AVIVA Labs spray tan

Modesty Blaise 10 reason to choose an aviva labs spray tan

10 reasons to choose an AVIVA Labs spray tan

If you desire gorgeous, glowing skin without baking in the sun’s harmful UV rays for hours, then you’ve likely explored spray tanning as an option. But, did you know that not all spray tans are created equal?

If you’re health conscious, you should be aware that many brands of spray tans are filled with toxins and chemicals that can accelerate ageing and skin dehydration in the long term – but AVIVA Labs spray tans are organic. The natural ingredients allow the organic tans to be fast-drying, and this has some amazing benefits over regular spray tans:
1. You never have to worry about any irritation, rashes, dry skin, wrinkles or other problems making their way through your tan. AVIVA Labs tans works to bind all of the moisture inside of your skin and repair any cells that were damaged from the harsh sun. This means that dried out skin is a thing of the past.

2. The mixture is paraben-free, synthetic-free, perfume-free, oil-free, alcohol-free, erythrulose-free and odour-free. It is also completely vegan.

3. Your tan will be natural-looking and long-lasting. Since it hydrates your skin, it fades evenly, disguises cellulite and blemishes and won’t leave you blotchy or patchy.

4. There’s no unpleasant odour, so you need not worry about the telltale fake tan smell give the secret of your gorgeous glow away!

5. The mixture won’t rub off on your clothing or sheets, so you can say goodbye to visits to the dry cleaner to fix your clothing, and you need not worry about being surrounded by orange bedsheets when you wake up next to a gorgeous hunk! 😉

6. The mixture is available in 2 development speeds. The regular duration takes up to 8 hours but if you’re in a rush, the express formula develops fully in just 2 hours time.

7. The colours are mixed based on your own skin colour, so you can rest assured that you won’t come out looking too dark or like you’ve had no tan at all. It’s quite literally the perfect spray tan.

8. Our staff are skilled at applying your tan quickly, easily and discreetly – you don’t have to worry about orange hands or dark knees or streaky patches on the backs of the ankles!

9. It is made only with FDA approved ingredients, so you can be sure that your tan isn’t filled with preservatives, arsenic, mercury and lead like other popular brands,

10. It’s just $35. Yes, really!

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Aviva Labs Spray Tans Modesty Blaise

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