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Get hair free with SPL this summer - Modesty Blaise FB

We all crave smooth and sexy skin, and if the thought of dragging the razor across your skin or ripping it all off with hot wax doesn’t sound as appealing as it once used to…. read on, because SPL Hair Removal is about to become your new best friend.

What is SPL Hair Removal?
SPL stands for Square Pulsed Light, and it’s a somewhat new form of laser hair removal that permanently reduces unwanted hair.

How does it work?
SPL needs to be conducted over a number of sessions – around 25% of hair follicles in any area are in the appropriate stage for treatment at any one time. Each follicle has slightly differing cycle times, so it normally takes between 6-10 treatment sessions in order to treat all of the active follicles. Active follicles are made up of a combination of thick and fine hairs – the fine hairs requiring higher energy and more treatments, as they may not be affected by the treatment that removes thicker hairs.

What are the benefits?
The biggest advantage to SPL is that it’s virtually painless and results in reduction can be seen from the very first session. Each session removes 5% – 20% of the hairs, so there’s a visible difference after each treatment. It’s quick and easy and you’ll have the benefit of smooth skin year round.

Is there anyone who can’t undergo SPL?
The procedure is most effective on darker hairs – this is because there must be some pigmentation in the hair so that the energy can be absorbed. Darker hairs are richer in melanin and generally respond better to treatment. Light and fine hairs are more difficult to treat but not impossible – it may just take more treatment sessions.

Where can you treat with SPL?
Anywhere on the face (excluding eyebrows) and body can be treated.

How long do you need to wait between treatments?
We recommend each treatment be performed once when the next phase of hair has grown through – and this time period varies depending on the area treated. Upper lip hair for example has a growth cycle of 2 weeks whereas leg hair generally takes around 4 weeks, so the area that we’re treating will impact your treatment plan.

How much does it cost?
You can view prices here.

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